Toto’s Steve Lukather Says People Think Wrong About Paul McCartney, George Harrison, And Ringo Starr

In an interview with Misplaced Straws, Toto guitarist Steve Lukather talked about his upcoming tours with Toto and next projects with The Beatles icon Ringo Starr. He also shared his ideas about the members of The Beatles saying that they were the nicest people that he ever met even though people regarded them as mean and snob.

Toto released their 14th studio album ‘Old Is New’ on November 6, 2018, and since then the band hasn’t released any other albums so far. However, Toto members gave the good news to their fans by announcing the upcoming tour dates and places of its The Dogz of Oz tour. The tour will start on July 14, 2022, in Germany and will end on August 14, 2022, in Sweeden.

Steve Lukather also revealed that he will collaborate with Ringo Starr for a new project when he finds the time during the concerts of Toto. He highlighted that Starr is a great person and a very talented musician. He also recalled the time when he met with Starr and the other members of The Beatles and he still couldn’t forget his memories with them. According to him, their great personalities had also great contributions to their careers.

During the interview, Lukather stated that he collaborated with almost all the members of The Beatles, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison for different projects and he had time to get to know them and observe their behaviors toward both himself and other people. Lukather thought that most people saw them as snob rock stars since they are members of the greatest rock band of all time. However, they were the nicest people that he ever met throughout his longtime career as a musician.

Lukather said in the interview that:

“I’ve been putting the Toto dates together first and then the Ringo things fell right, right in. I’m going to do something with him, hopefully, if all goes well. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this. Let’s just say I’m going to be touring with him next year. I don’t have the right to make any announcements. He is a dear brother of mine. I see him a lot.

He just loves to create. This guy is the greatest inspiration for getting older, man. He’s going to be 81 and he’s running on a treadmill at a full incline, it’s just incredible. Plus I just love him to death. He’s the most wonderful, interesting, enlightening human being I’ve ever met. and he’s fucking Ringo! on FaceTime, it’s Ringo, it never gets old…

The reaction is different than if you meet anybody else. I’ve been with him now for nine years, and I worked with Paul McCartney and I worked with George Harrison. We were friends and stuff. You get in the room and you know you’re in the room greatness, but they’re the nicest people you ever want to meet ever. That’s all I can tell you. You think they would have the right to be the biggest assholes, so far from it. No. That’s how to be, that’s all. There’s a great deal to be learned from all those guys besides their musical genius. That’s the way they handled their life in public like this for 60 years.”

You can watch the interview below.