Paul Stanley Praises Alice Cooper For Serving Food At A Shelter

KISS icon Paul Stanley replied to a tweet showing Alice Cooper serving food to the children at a shelter and he stated that Cooper always gives a hand to those who need it, which is a great thing.

It is known that Alice Cooper is a public-spirited musician who has been involved in various charity works. He founded a non-profit organization named Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock, which aims to create a difference in the lives of teens by fulfilling their needs.

Along with the foundation, there is also the Solid Rock Teen Center that serves teens between the ages of 12 and 20 years old. In the center, the teens have an opportunity to participate in several activities including dance, music, and art. Every December, Alice Cooper organizes the ‘Christmas Pudding’ concert to raise funds for the center. The organization features many significant names every year. This year’s concert was held on December 4 and featured Orianthi, Ace Frehley, Felix Cavaliere, and many others.

Paul Stanley is probably aware of Cooper’s long-standing charity works as he referred to that in his recent Twitter post. KISS frontman praised Alice Cooper who is seen  while serving food to the kids at a shelter in the photo and defined Cooper as ‘a good man.’ Stanley added that Alice Cooper is always looking for ways to help more people. Along with Cooper, Paul also didn’t forget to give credit to all the ones who do their best to support those who are in need.

Paul Stanley’s Twitter post read:

“Alice is a good man who always finds more ways to give back. A credit to realizing all that success can make possible for others. “

You can check out the tweet below.