Paul Stanley Explains How Ageing Has Pushed Him To Self-Reflect

KISS’ Paul Stanley turned 70 a few days ago and celebrated it meaningfully with a deep text about how he has tried to be a better person as the years passed.

Stanley stepped into the music world when he was only 18 and lived most of his life as a well-known rockstar. His celebrity status led him to lead a life in front of the public eye. From his personal relationships to his health problems, he has been open about his life experiences both while speaking to media outlets and his social media accounts.

With KISS, the frontman achieved worldwide success and became one of the greatest frontmen in the music industry. The band’s shows, especially in the earlier times, relied on visual effects accompanying their music, and the members strived hard to achieve their goals. They still use their signature makeup and wear heavy costumes paired with high platform boots.

These things have started giving Paul Stanley a hard time as he got older. Stanley had to go through several hip surgeries, and his bandmate Gene Simmons stated that the band is going to retire partially because they are tired of carrying all of this weight on every show. Overall, the band did their best to entertain their fans throughout the years.

However, Stanley also realized the importance of self-reflection and improvement as the years passed. As it turns out, he started considering his birthdays a ‘time to reflect on the past year,’ which was also the case this year, on January 20. Recently, Paul Stanley posted a photo on Instagram in which he discussed how he prefers to honor his birthdays by reassessing his life rather than celebrating that he made it through another year.

In the post, he emphasized the importance of being understanding, showing love, and appreciating every little thing around him. He stated that he is still awork in progress,’ but his birthdays are now all about finding his place in this world and being kinder to the people around him. He ended the message by thanking his fans for being a part of his previous year.

Here is what he posted:

“Thank you all for all your kind birthday wishes.

In recent years I’ve started to see my birthdays as a time for me to reflect on the past year and assess my life and actions rather than purely celebrating my making it through another year (which frankly I had little to do with). Did I tell my family and dear friends that I love them, and did I show them? Did I embrace people with acceptance, tolerance, and giving some the benefit of the doubt? Did I appreciate the daily gifts and miracles around me?

I’m a work in progress but am always striving to do better. I’m doing pretty good, I think. My birthday has so much more value for me with it being less about cake and presents and more about who I am in this big world. Thanks for being a big part of last year.

Always grateful.”

His comments section blew up with people from all over the world showing their support. They wished him a happy birthday and stated that they are there for him to support him during the process of discovering who he is and how he can do better. It will always be strange to see the rock and roll stars grow older and strip away from their young and fast life. However, according to his fans, he will always be remembered because he’s a legend.

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Paul Stanley – Instagram