When Joe Strummer Explained Why Bruce Springsteen Was Great

Bruce Springsteen has been one of the most impactful rock stars with his musical talent for more than sixty years. His passion for music increased after he was influenced by significant musicians like Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Bruce played with some local musicians after improving himself to play guitar. When his music career slowly progressed, Springsteen put himself in a good place with the albums such as ‘Born to Run,’ ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town,’ and ‘The River.’

Besides the sounds he created, his lyrics about ordinary American people from his hometown gained everybody’s attention. Springsteen became an inspiration for the rock bands like Arcade Fire, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, and The Killers. The Clash’s Joe Strummer was among these names as well. When Joe shared his admiration for him, mentioning him as a ‘great’ person, Bruce did not let this praise unanswered.

Joe Strummer Thought Bruce Springsteen Was Outstanding

The film director Mark Hagen reached out to Joe Strummer to make him write a letter for Bruce Springsteen for his documentary movie named ‘Bruce Springsteen: A Secret History.’ Strummer wrote a paper that showed his admiration towards Springsteen with his musical success.

According to Joe, Bruce was so great that there could not be anybody in the world that could deny this truth, as he wrote in the letter. Moreover, Joe penned how Bruce took him on a journey with the lyrics and sounds he created. As Strummer stated, Bruce’s songs were like evidence that life exists on earth when you need a song on a rainy England day.

He indicated that ‘Racing In The Streets’ gave him joy in life by feeling like in a movie. Joe explained that Bruce was not making music for being famous. According to him, Bruce was so great because he was passionate about music that anybody could feel it from his lyrics, sounds, and talents. Strummer finished his letter by expressing his love for his fellow musician.

Joe Strummer wrote in his words in the letter:

Bruce is great. If you don’t agree with that, you’re a pretentious Martian from Venus. Bruce looks great. Like he’s about to crawl underneath the chords with a spanner and sock the starter motor one time so that an engine starts up-humming and ready to take us on a golden ride way out somewhere in the yonder.

Bruce is great. Because he’ll never lay down and be conquered by his problems he’s always ready to bust out of the shack and hit the track. His music is great on a dark and rainy morning in England; just when you need some spirit and some proof that the big wide world exists, the D.J. puts on ‘Racing In The Streets,’ and life seems worth living again. Life seems to be in cinemascope again.

Bruce is not on an ego trip. Bruce is actually into music. We need people like this. A lot of records today are made by people just to feed their fame. Bruce is great. There ain’t no whining or complaining. There’s only great music, lyrics, and an ocean of talent. Me? I love Springsteen!”

In the face of his appreciation, Bruce also did not forget to praise him. Besides calling him a ‘great rocker,’ he showed his respect to the iconic rock star by playing Clash’s song ‘London Calling’ while paying tribute to him after he passed away in 2002. Springsteen also paid homage to Strummer again in 2009, playing ‘Coma Girl.’