Gene Simmons Thinks Geddy Lee Would Pass Out If He Performed With KISS Outfits

KISS’ Gene Simmons once again spoke about the band’s retirement plans on Pillow Talk and praised their accomplishments on stage throughout the years. He claimed that no one would be able to do what they did on stage and said that Geddy Lee would probably pass out if he had to perform like them.

The iconic rock and roll band KISS decided to retire from touring around 2016. Not having released a new record since 2012, the band members decided to hit the road one last time and leave their fans with their classics. Hence, in 2016 they planned dates for the following three years to say goodbye to their fans. However, it wasn’t enough, and finally, they decided to wrap up in 2019 with a complete Farewell tour.

The tour had begun in 2019, but the pandemic put a halt to it, and it was postponed to 2022. While this made the fans happy because they would hear more of KISS in the future, the band members thought it was time to put a full stop to their crazy performances. According to Gene Simmons, the band’s legacy will continue through their merchandise because KISS is a trademark and not just a band.

Gene Simmons recently said that the touring will certainly be over by 2023 because they are the hardest working band in the music industry. They have tired themselves throughout their careers by presenting visually challenging shows featuring heavy and flashy outfits and dangerous stunts. Simmons said that any other performer, such as Geddy Lee, wouldn’t be able to handle performing with such heavy costumes and would pass out in half an hour.

Here is what he said about Geddy Lee:

“Before 2023, we’re done, we’re getting off the stage and no longer touring. Forever. And that’s important because who and what we are is particular and peculiar, which is to say what we do sort of makes us the hardest working band in the show business. Period.

I love Alex, I love Geddy and all the Canadian talent and everything but, if Geddy got into my outfit with seven, eight-inch platform heels and 40 pounds of additional armor, studs, bass, and stuff. Having to spit fire and fly through the air and walk around with an additional 40 pounds, my friends is going to pass out in half an hour.”

You can watch his interview with Pillow Talk below.