Karl Bartos Says Michael Jackson Offered To Buy The Master Tapes Of Kraftwerk’s ‘The Man-Machine’

Kraftwerk’s Karl Bartos spoke to NME and revealed an important fact about the late pop musician Michael Jackson after he reached them out for an offer. The drummer stated that Jackson wished to purchase one of the band’s legendary works’ original records.

The famous German band Kraftwerk was founded by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in 1970. With their unique style, the group became electronic music’s pioneers and even creators for some critics. The band went through a couple of lineup changes, and every member contributed to its quality. Kraftwerk significantly influenced the young generation of artists from various genres, including synth-pop, hip hop, post-punk, and techno.

Moreover, some of their records, ‘Autobahn,’ ‘Trans-Europe Express,’ ‘The Man-Machine,’ and ‘Computer World’ became commercially successful and internationally popular, which brought the band members huge fame. Their seventh studio album, ‘The Man-Machine,‘ impressed one of the pop icons so much that he wanted to buy its master tapes along with another offer for the band.

After the reporter mentioned his upcoming autobiography entitled ‘The Sound of the Machine,’ which will arrive on September 15, 2022, Bartos opened up some of the exciting stories he told in the book. The musician revealed that the icon who wished to purchase that record was Michael Jackson. However, Bartos highlighted that it wasn’t possible without giving the reason behind it. He added that the King of Pop also wanted to collaborate with Kraftwerk, which never actualized.

Bartos stated in his interview that:

“As far as I remember, Michael Jackson wanted to work with us, but he also wanted to buy the master tapes of ‘The Man-Machine,’ which was not possible.”

You can listen to the record below.