Axl Rose Officially Cancels Guns N’ Roses Show Due To His Illness

The Guns N’ Roses St. Louis, Busch Stadium show that was initially set for September 9 recently got canceled. Axl Rose shared that the postponed show got canceled due to illness and it had nothing to do with the rumored low ticket sales. Here’s what Axl had to say about the cancellation:

“I am, as is the band, really bummed we’re forced to cancel our show in St. Louis. The history, the memories, the return, and to share that bond with our fans. It sucks!”

Although the singer didn’t directly say that the show was canceled due to his illness, his recent health struggles have caused fans to believe so. In early September, he revealed to the crowd in Saratoga Springs, New York, that he was having trouble with his vocals due to vomiting regularly while preparing for the show. Several days after that, he told fans in Lexington, Ky. that he felt like was getting sick and that his voice ‘was fading.’

Guitarist Richard Fortus also took to Facebook to give his take on his hometown show’s cancellation. He said:

“To all of my hometown St. Louis friends. Sadly, we were not able to find another date for us to make up the show at Busch Stadium that worked for both the stadium and for us.”

The guitarist also cleared up the false narratives that have been going around about the band canceling several shows during the course of the tour. Richard added:

“I read this story by Fox 2 News saying that we’ve postponed ‘several fall concerts.’ This is absolutely false. For the record, we have done 283 shows on this tour and only postponed one show, and now, we have canceled one. Unfortunately, it’s my hometown show, but just so everyone is clear, we do not take this lightly!”

Fortus confirmed that they are aware of the difficult situation some fans are in after the cancellation as a band. However, he expressed that they are doing their best by saying:

“We understand that some people bought hotels or air travel that might not be refunded. We are human, though, and sometimes humans get sick enough that it’s not possible to do what we do. Thanks for your understanding, and we look forward to playing St. Louis ASAP!”

Even though the St. Louis show has been canceled, the North American tour still has several dates lined up through early November. You can find more information about tickets here.

You can read Axl Rose’s statement here and also read Richard Fortus’ Facebook post here.