John Cooper Expresses Concern Over Modern Views On Sexuality And Gender

Skillet’s John Cooper recently appeared as a guest on the Conversations That Matter podcast and shared his controversial opinions on the queer community.

Queer theory questions conventional views on identity, sexuality, and gender, including the idea that being heterosexual is natural and normal. The musician, promoting his new book ‘Wimpy, Weak And Woke,’ commented on this topic, saying:

“I believe that queer theory is literally the end of all things. There will be no meaningful conversations even able to have in the world if queer theory actually becomes as ubiquitous as it seems like it is already becoming. There will be no distinctions between anything.”

Details Of Cooper’s Stance On Queer Theory

Cooper further explained his point on the ideas of queer theory:

“If you embrace queer theory, and you embrace the idea that men can be women and women can be men, or you can be both, or neither, blah, blah, blah, then you will end up having to accept that there really is no difference between mankind and beast. It just follows. And in fact, the queer theorists would probably be, like, ‘Yeah, that’s right.'”

The Church’s Role In Addressing Sexuality

The vocalist went on to talk about the church’s responsibility on the issue:

“Sexuality, to me, that’s the key. If the church does not stand our ground on sexuality, we lose everything. We absolutely lose everything. This is just so upsetting to me. A lot of Christians just do not believe that it’s as bad as it is… They just refuse to believe it. And they keep saying, ‘Guys, there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s always been this bad. You’re making it seem like it’s worse.’ That’s just not true. It hasn’t always been this bad.”

Discussion On Cooper’s Views Of Transgenderism

In the rest of his chat, Cooper also expressed that transgenderism represents a significant shift in civilization, potentially altering human nature permanently. He linked this to transhumanism, a concept where technology is used to enhance human abilities beyond natural limits. The singer views transgenderism as a step towards blending humans and machines. He also reflected on transgenderism in a chat with the Daily Signal earlier this month:

“So if you say, ‘I’m a boy, but I know I’m actually a girl, and I believe it in my heart,’ the public has to say your inner feelings are true,” he added. “But if somebody says, ‘No. I can see objective reality. You are a boy,’ that’s not publicly true, though it can be a privately held belief if you want. That’s the way to end all things. That is the destruction of objective reality.”

Cooper’s new book ‘Wimpy, Weak And Woke,’ was released on November 14. The rocker’s first book, ‘Awake & Alive to Truth,’ a best-seller, has gone through more than ten print runs and received the Book Impact Award at the 2021 K-Love Fan Awards.

You can watch his full interview below.