Wolf Van Halen Names The VH Song Eddie Van Halen Forgot How To Play


Mammoth WVH frontman Wolf Van Halen joined Walking The Floor with Chris Shiflett and recalled working with his late father and the guitar master Eddie Van Halen as Van Halen’s bassist. Then, the young musician shared the band’s song that his father didn’t remember how to play and needed a little help from him.

Van Halen released their second studio album, ‘Van Halen II’ on March 23, 1979; it became a trendy and critically acclaimed album of both its time and all times. Some of its tracks, ‘You’re No Good,’ ‘Dance the Night Away,’ and ‘Beautiful Girls,’ hit the charts and were listened to worldwide. However, the band released ten more albums, so the band members played the new songs more to promote them.

Years after the album’s release, Wolf Van Halen became VH’s new bassist by replacing Michael Anthony in 2006. He suggested the band give place to some classical Van Halen songs as a person who grew up listening to and playing these records. During his interview, the bassist revealed that he was preparing the setlists for the band’s tours, and he admitted that his father, Eddie Van Halen, could be forgetful most of the time.

The Mammoth WVH founder said he told the band to play ‘Drop Dead Legs,’ ‘Dirty Movies,’ and ‘Light Up the Sky’ with many other VH hits. In addition, Wolf recalled a studio session with his father, saying that Eddie had to work on ‘Light Up the Sky’ before joining the session since he had forgotten how to play the song. Thus, as his son and bandmate, Wolf worked with him, and they figured it out, then it became their opening track for The Van Halen 2015 Tour.

The host’s question read:

“I remember hearing like when first started playing with Van Halen that you were the one showing your dad how to play some of the older material like you guys were working on it. I was like, ‘Come on, that can’t be true.’ Was that actually true?”

Wolf responded:

“Yeah, dad could be pretty forgetful, so it was a matter of just kind of being there as a constant like ‘Okay, we gotta do this.’ I remember I was always trying to bring out the older stuff. It’s one thing to make sure. I was writing the setlist throughout those tours, and it was one thing. You got to make sure everybody hears ‘Panama,’ ‘Dance the Night Away,’ ‘Beautiful Girls,’ and ‘Unchained.’ It was me who started fitting in things like ‘Hey, let’s play ‘Light Up the Sky,’ ‘Drop Dead Legs,’ and ‘Dirty Movies’ that you guys never played.’

It was certainly a big thing. I remember one day we were rehearsing, and dad did his homework. He listened to ‘Light Up the Sky’ before he came. He’s like, ‘I can’t play it. I don’t know what I did.’ Then, we sat there and figured it out, and he got it. We opened the tour with it in 2015. So, it’s super funny. I was always there to kind of give that extra nudge. It’s like ‘Come on, you got it. You’re Eddie Van Halen.’

You can listen to the interview and the song below.