Ronnie Wood’s Wife Shares How Ronnie Kept His Sobriety While He Recovers From Cancer

The Rolling Stones’ legendary guitarist, Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife, Jo Wood talked about Wood’s battle with cancer once again after he announced that got rid of lung cancer recently. She also shared the details about his current health status and sobriety process in her exclusive interview with The Sun.

As you may remember, In 2017, Ronnie Wood was diagnosed with lung cancer and a part of his lung removed because of that. He didn’t want chemotherapy not to lose his hair. Even though he refused the essential part of his recovery process, he went back to his healthy days until he was diagnosed with another rare and dangerous type of cancer.

He admitted that he had fought small cell cancer during the first lockdown. Ronnie Wood stated that he was better now. This news made his fans and family very happy and his ex-wife, Jo Wood also shared her relief after she learned that he was clear. But, he is still in his recovery process. Even though the couple broke up in 2009, they remained good friends. Jo Wood showed her support during his illness and recovery process.

In her interview with The Sun, his ex-wife, Jo Wood indicated that with the help of his sobriety and focusing on his treatment, Ronnie Wood was getting better and better throughout his battle with cancer. Ronnie Wood decided to quit drugs and alcohol a decade ago and has been clear since then. Also, she stated that she was very proud of him and was sure that The Rolling Stones’ icon will be even much better than he is now.

Here’s what she told:

I’m very proud of him.

I think they caught it early as he has a history of cancer in his family.

It was very worrying, especially for the kids, but he’s much better. He’s going to be fine.

He reads his meditation books and we focused on his treatment, his sobriety, and resting as much as possible.”

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