Ozzy Osbourne Sends A Message To Bill Ward About A Surprise Black Sabbath Show

Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Morrison recently dropped the newest episode of their internet TV series, ‘The Madhouse Chronicles.’ In their conversation, the Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne talked about the process behind the band’s last album, ’13.’

When asked if he was satisfied with the way Black Sabbath ended its legacy, Osboune replied by saying he could give it a second chance:

“No. Because it wasn’t Black Sabbath that finished it. It’s unfinished. If they wanted to do one more gig with Bill, I would jump at the chance. Do you know what would be cool? If we went to a club or something unannounced and we just got up and did it. We started up in a club.”

Ozzy’s Regret About Black Sabbath and ’13’

Even though the band completely ended in 2017, Osbourne still has some regrets about it.

In another interview with Stereogum in September 2022, the singer talked about whether he still feels good about where ’13’ left things with Black Sabbath. When asked if Black Sabbath is ‘totally done’ in his mind, Osbourne mentioned his one regret about the band’s last album:

“I would like to say it’s completely done. I think it’s time. The only thing I really regret, to be honest, is that Bill Ward didn’t play on the album. It wasn’t really a Black Sabbath album. I’m not saying that one day we might not all go in a room and come up with the perfect Black Sabbath album. But I’ll say, [’13’] wasn’t recorded the way Black Sabbath recorded records. We’d gone right back past the point where we took charge, back to when someone else had full control of our recording. Which we never did from ‘Vol. 4’ onwards.”

You can see the first episode of ‘The Madhouse Chronicles’ below.