Paul Stanley Confirms Omicron Diagnosis, ‘I’m Tired’

KISS guitarist Paul Stanley posted a recent tweet in which he revealed his whole family was diagnosed with coronavirus and admitted that he feels tired and has sniffles.

After the emergence of the Omicron variant, daily reports of coronavirus cases are rising again. Moreover, in December 2021, many music acts revealed that they or their crew were diagnosed with coronavirus, such as Queen’s Brian May and Coldplay‘s touring party.

Strongly supporting the vaccinations against the coronavirus disease and following the precautions, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley tested positive for COVID in September. Due to that, KISS had to postpone their four tour dates and take a break from their End Of The World Tour.

However, both Simmons and Stanley got fully recovered in a short time due to being vaccinated and resting until they got better. Recently, Paul Stanley posted a tweet that revealed the guitarist was diagnosed with coronavirus for the second time as he possibly tested positive for the Omicron variant.

In the tweet, Paul Stanley included a photo of himself which he described as ‘his Omicron face.’ He then confirmed his entire family has the disease, and most of them have almost no symptoms. Saying he is only tired and has sniffles, Stanley touched upon the importance of vaccinations and said he is glad to be vaccinated.

Paul Stanley’s tweet read:

“My Omicron face! Yup. My entire family has it. I’m tired and have sniffles. Most of my family have absolutely no symptoms. Do as you choose. I’m so glad I’m vaccinated.”

You can check out the tweet below.