Pamela Anderson Admits Tommy Lee Initially Made Her Dreams Come True

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have been a topic of conversation for many years for various reasons, but the Canadian actress and model has never shared her side of the story until now with her recent memoir and Netflix documentary. She sat down with Tom Power to discuss her life and talk about her past relationship with Lee, which she described as a wild time wrapped in romance.

The famous couple had a crazy life in front of the cameras. After falling in love and getting married a few months later, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Behind closed doors, it was later revealed that their relationship revolved around infidelity and substance abuse.

Besides the problems within the relationship, there was also the notorious sex tape scandal that became the talk of the town. Nearly 20 years later, a mini-series called ‘Pam & Tommy’ was released about the couple’s relationship. However, one common thing about the sex tape and the mini-series was that it wasn’t told by the person who went through it. Pamela recently started to talk about what actually went on in their whirlwind romance.

Anderson’s words about her relationship with Tommy Lee:

“When my kids were small, that was my favorite time, and when we were all together because all I ever wanted was a family and kids and to look after somebody and to have that kind of heightened sense of romance, coming in as your knight in shining armor. We weren’t able to use some of the footage of a birthday party I threw for him, which was quite wild.

I had the Mad Hatter hat on, and you know, it was insane. He was a clown; we came on a tour bus with all the little people rolling out the red carpet and Cirque du Soleil performers a Ferris wheel, circus mirrors in the bathroom, and everyone dressed with the appetizers hanging off their bikinis.”

She added:

“I mean, it was just wild; everything I could dream up, I did, yeah, and we had a great great time. So sometimes I think that kind of romantic love might not be sustainable. With all the mythology, fairy tales, everything I’ve read, and the psychology behind the mythology, they say romantic love is unsustainable.

But that means that was that, and I appreciate it, and I’m really happy where I’m now. ‘The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love;’ that great Osho quote, and so that’s what I’m working on.”

From having the dream romance and love to going through heartbreak on that scale, Anderson is quite happy to be living her single era where she is channeling the Osho quote to her life to make the most of where she currently is, and she seems to be enjoying being with herself more than ever.