Paul Stanley Addresses His Failed Attempt To Produce Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Appetite For Destruction’

KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently stated in a tweet that his attempt to produce Guns N’ Roses‘ epic album, ‘Appetite For Destruction,’ unfortunately failed for many reasons.

When Guns N’ Roses finished the writing process of the songs that would take place in ‘Appetite For Destruction,’ they immediately started to look for a producer to record the finished tracks. They got in touch with some potential producers and ultimately hired Mike Clink and entered the studio to record the whole album. Still, choosing their producer was far from being effortless.

They contacted many producers, but it wasn’t an easy decision since they wanted the album to be perfect. One of the producers who was in line for the album was surprisingly KISS’ Paul Stanley. The band members decided to hear his ideas regarding the album’s direction. However, Stanley offered to do things differently than the way the band wanted to. Thus, they passed Paul Stanley and worked with Clink.

A Twitter page shared a photo of Axl Rose and Paul Stanley and wrote about Stanley’s failed attempt to produce ‘Appetite For Destruction,’ which happened 36 years ago. Upon seeing that, the singer quoted the tweet and said that the idea of his being the producer of the album came from the band’s A&R, so he wanted to give it a try. He was mesmerized by the band’s performance, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen for many reasons.

Paul Stanley’s statements on his failed attempt follow:

“Actually, their A&R guy Tom Zutaut at Gefden suggested it. Lots of reasons it wasn’t to be, but they were absolutely amazing. I was blown away.”

You can check out the tweet below.