Courtney Love Targets Axl Rose, Steven Tyler, And Jimmy Page For Underage Affairs

Courtney Love recently shared an Instagram post to talk about a documentary about groupies. Love focused on many musicians mentioned in the film, such as Axl Rose, Steven Tyler, and Jimmy Page and their relationships with underage girls.

In rock history, many icons aimed to live their lives to the fullest by consuming substances heavily, rebelling against the system, or having relationships with groupies. Although most of their partners were over 18, some rock stars had affairs with underage girls.

For instance, Lori Maddox, or the ‘baby groupie,’ had brief relationships with Jimmy Page and David Bowie. In 2015, she revealed that she lost her virginity to David Bowie. Later on, in the book ‘Led Zeppelin: The Biography,’ Maddox stated she had a relationship with Page when she was 14, and the guitarist liked young girls.

On the other hand, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler adopted Julia Holcomb when she was 16. He then became Holcomb’s legal guardian but continued his affair with her. At some point, Tyler even got Holcomb pregnant, and he forced her to have an abortion as he wasn’t interested in a long-term relationship.

In her Instagram post, Courtney Love talked about the documentary ‘Look Away,’ which is about the groupies used and abused by famous rock stars. She touched upon the stories of Lori Maddox and Julia Holcomb and revealed writing letters to Kim Fowley, the abuser of Jackie Fuchs, to make her band’s demo tapes back when she was in fourth grade.

Apart from talking about these controversial affairs, Courtney Love also targeted Axl Rose for hating women. Back when Love was with Kurt Cobain, Axl Rose had gotten into a fight with Cobain while their baby was in Cobain’s arms. Rose shouted at and threatened the pair and insulted them because of their drug addiction.

Courtney Love’s Instagram post read:

“Trigger alert. All the girls in the photographs above are 11, 12, 13, and 14. Lori Maddox, Kari Krome, Julia Holcomb, Jackie Fuchs, and Sophie Cunningham. I don’t know why no one is talking about this documentary. Wait, yes, I do! All the photos above are of women I know or know of under the age of 15.

But none of these photos are used in this doc. So, no one was willing to pay for attorneys for this poor director Sophie! I heard you can’t even stream this doc from the states. So we do know why this film is being suppressed! If Baftas had not nominated it, Baftas, thank you, I wouldn’t even know about it.

I was around and a victim, and I can attest that every word of this is true. Lori Maddox lost her virginity at age 11. She doesn’t say to whom; he’s beloved, so google it. I knew another girl that Steven Tyler also adopted as his ward from her mom at 13. She did not make it and overdosed on smack. She worked the 7th veil with me.

Listening to this woman, Steven Tyler’s ward at 13 or 14? He adopted Julia Holcomb. We all knew her story, but to hear her say it loud. Harrowing. As f*ck. I’ve read she didn’t want to speak on it, but I applaud you, all of you. That took real courage. This was hard to watch.

She then continued:

“Go watch ‘Look Away’ now. I can’t help past Jackie Fuchs and all the abused, raped victims, how glamorous Lori/ Miss Pamela, the Runaways, and Kari were being sold to me. I was writing Kim Fowley letters to ‘make our my phony band demo tapes’ in 4th grade. I thought the above images were so glamorous. If having to give out sex at 12 was the price for rock & roll? Fine. I’d do it. I did do it.

Past all of that, I wonder how life might have been different if Axl Rose didn’t just straight-up hate women so much. Because the rest of the band was kind of cool. That’s past the rape and the not naming, and the fact that this documentary has clearly been suppressed. That’s my other takeaway. ‘What if Axl hadn’t been such a woman-hater? What if he had been nice to me? My weirdo friends?’ It’s food for thought.”

Moreover, in the documentary, a woman named Sheila Kennedy talked about her experience with Axl Rose. In the late 1980s, Kennedy was known as a Penthouse’s ‘Pet Of The Year.’ According to her, Axl Rose physically and sexually abused her by grabbing her hair and dragging her before the intercourse.

You can check out the picture Courtney Love included in her post below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram