Luke Spiller Reveals His Biggest Problem With Performing In Taylor Hawkins Tribute

The Struts’ frontman Luke Spiller recently had a chat on the Lipps Service podcast and recalled his performance with Queen for the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts in London and Los Angeles. He shared what his biggest problem was during the performance next to Queen by saying:

“It was such a unique experience that for obvious reasons I wouldn’t want to experience it again at that kind of cost. But to be able to sing with Brian [May] and Roger [Taylor] from Queen and dude the song, for the first time ever I had a slight bit of imposter syndrome. I was sort of like, ‘Oh my God.'”

He revealed that every ‘legend’ that performed before him made him question his place within the tribute concert. Luke added:

“Nile Rodgers has just gone on Josh Homme from Queens [Of The Stone Age] is now on like Kesha’s on Brian Johnson and Lars Ulrich is playing and this is all before I go on. I’m thinking that everybody had such a legacy of a career compared to myself I was sort of like, ‘Why am I going on so late? No one’s going to really know who I am.'”

Luke shared that meeting May face-to-face and performing with Queen was a pinch-me moment for him. He expressed:

“Meeting Brian for the first time in person because we’d been texting for quite a while. I had like a stank of booze and I had a giant hickey on my neck I mean you know Taylor would have liked that. Then I saw the Queen logo on the drum kit, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is happening.’ It was just surreal but beautiful at the same time.”

May learned about The Struts when they did a cover of ‘We Will Rock You’ back in 2021. Brian congratulated the band for giving the hit track their take on Instagram and wrote:

“The Struts brand new take on… a classic, apparently!!! Nice job guys, The Struts – Bri.”

You can watch the clip of Luke Spiller’s interview on the Lipps Service podcast and listen to The Struts’ cover of ‘We Will Rock You’ below.