Brian May Applauds The Struts For Their New Take On Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’

The co-founder and guitarist of Queen, Brian May, recently posted a video on his Instagram account and congratulated a new generation rock band that did a cover of Queen’s unforgettable track ‘We Will Rock You.’

As you know, Brian May is one of the rockstars who enjoy using their social media accounts the most. He often prefers to use his Instagram account when he wants to announce his upcoming projects as a musician, scientist, and entrepreneur, to interact with his devoted fans, or to raise awareness on important social matters.

Recently, he posted a video and promoted the release of The Struts’ new cover of one of Queen’s most known tracks. As it turns out, the new-gen band members have always been huge Queen fans and they originally recorded their version of the song a while ago for a TV advertisement for the Korean home appliances brand LG.

In the caption of his post, Brian May congratulated the young band for their take on ‘We Will Rock You’ and complimented them. The band members really appreciated the support they received from the legendary rockstar and thanked him in the comments section.

Here’s what Brian May said in the caption of his post:

“The Struts brand new take on… a classic, apparently!!! Nice job guys, The Struts – Bri.”

Under which Gethin Davies commented:

“Thank you!”

And Jed Elliot said:

“You’re the man, Brian!”

You can check out the post and listen to The Struts’ version of ‘We Will Rock You’ below.