KISS’ Paul Stanley Reveals His Formula To ‘Die Without Regrets’

2023 didn’t start with good news — many music icons departed from this world in the first two months of the year. To cope with the losses of loved ones, Paul Stanley poured himself into painting. In one of his paintings, Stanley used the expression ‘die without regrets,’ and now he revealed the formula to achieve this in life in a recent chat with American Songwriter.

This year saw the deaths of many artists — Earth, Wind & Fire’s Fred White passed away at the beginning of January, and the guitar icon Jeff Beck followed him. Two days later, Lisa Marie Presley made the headlines with her unexpected death. The most recent loss of the rock scene was David Crosby, who died at 81.

Heavily affected by the news of deaths coming one after another, Paul Stanley decided to express his grief by painting and sharing his artwork with fans on Instagram. In one of his paintings, he painted a skull surrounded by several expressions scrabbled on the canvas. The most notable ones were ‘Live without excuses, die without regrets’ and ‘Quality Time Remaining.’

Speaking in a new interview, Paul Stanley revealed the idea behind those expressions. He stated that they stemmed from his thoughts or subconscious, and he felt the need to express his feelings with his artwork. According to Stanley, one must live without excuses and spend quality time with their loved ones to die without regrets.

Here is what Paul Stanley said about the expressions he used in his painting:

“They’re all expressions of either my thoughts or my subconscious. I think we are all seeing a lot of icons and people that we’ve related to in one way or another in the public eye dying, and I just felt that maybe for myself, I needed to express that.

If you live without excuses, you die without regrets, so that’s important. Quality time remaining is important – what you do with your time, who you’re with, what you give to them, and what you give to life into the world and to your children becomes more and more important.”

Apparently, the deaths of his loved ones reminded Paul Stanley that he should live his life to the fullest without any excuses and pay attention to what he does with his time. He believes he has limited time in this world that should be spent carefully.