Paul McCartney Reveals The Muse That Inspired Him To Write The Beatles Song ‘Let It Be’

During an interview with Wired, the Beatles co-founder and songwriter Paul McCartney revealed the unknown story behind the band’s iconic song ‘Let It Beand who inspired him to write such an unforgettable tune.

As you know, Paul McCartney is often credited as one of the main songwriters of the Beatles’ songs. In fact, his songwriting partnership with John Lennon is still considered to be the most successful one in the history of pop and rock music.

In an interview, Macca decided to respond to the ‘web’s most searched questions’ in relation to him and his music, and one of them was the story behind the Beatles’ unforgettable tune ‘Let It Be’ which at the time had the highest debut on the Billboard Hot 100 as it started out at No.6 and eventually reached the top.

During the conversation, McCartney revealed that his mother was the source of inspiration for the song. His mother passed away when he was fourteen after battling breast cancer but her spirit always remained in McCartney’s life. As you may know, 1968 was a tough year for the Beatles, filled with tensions during the recording sessions for The Beatles, also known as The White Album.

One night, when McCartney returned to his house after a long and crazy night out, he had a dream in which he saw his mother. He described it as a ‘magic moment’ as she seemed to be aware that he was going through a stressful period. She looked at her son and said ‘Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine, just let it be‘ and that feeling of comfort was so precious for McCartney that he was inspired to write ‘Let It Be.’

Here’s what Paul McCartney said when he was asked about why he wrote ‘Let It Be’:

“I had a dream, it was in the years when we were probably overdoing everything, drinking, staying out too late, and getting crazy. So, I was a bit exhausted and I went to bed. Anyway, I had a dream and my mother, who died probably ten years previously, was in the dream. She came to me in the dream.

It’s a magic moment because you’re actually there with your mother. So, she seemed to know that I was a bit stressed out and she said ‘Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine, just let it be.’

And I thought, ‘Wow’ and I just felt really great that my mother had given me that advice and I woke up, and I was just remembering the dream and I thought, ‘What did she say? She said let it be.’ So, I thought that was a great idea for a song and I went to the piano and wrote it.”

You can check out the interview and listen to the remastered version of ‘Let It Be’ below.