Why Is The Beatles Icon Paul McCartney’s Nickname Macca? Here’s The Story

The iconic Beatles member who’s also famous for his solo career, Paul McCartney, is often also referred to as Macca, and because fans often question where the nickname comes from, he decided to unveil the secret behind it.

As you know, Paul McCartney is one of the most famous rockstars in rock history and he reached worldwide fame as the co-lead vocalist and bassist of the Beatles. In addition to that, his songwriting partnership with the band’s lead vocalist John Lennon is still considered to be the most successful one in history.

Paul McCartney has been leading a solo career since 1970 and he recently released his 18th studio album ‘McCartney III’ in late 2020 and a new version of it named ‘McCartney III Imagined‘ in collaboration with young artists premiered just some days ago. Although he’s often referred to with his real name, he also has a nickname ‘Macca’ which fans have always wondered where it derived from.

During an interview with Wired, McCartney revealed that Macca is just a derivation of McCartney. As you may know, McCartney is from Liverpool, and in the interview, he said that people from Liverpool abbreviate everything. As his name sounds a bit too formal, they used to call him Macca, George Harrison Hassa, and John Lennon Lenni.

Here’s what Paul McCartney said in the video:

“‘Why is Paul McCartney nicknamed Macca?’

Cause I’m from Liverpool and they abbreviate everything in Liverpool. McCartney is a bit too formal, becomeshey Macca‘ or George Harrison, ‘Hassa,’ or John Lennon becomes ‘Lenni.’

So, they just abbreviate everything, and that’s why. It’s a derivation of McCartney.”

You can watch the video below.