Ted Nugent Says Guns N’ Roses Are Playing Better Than Ever

Ted Nugent highlighted the importance of being sober for a long time by giving details about it during his The Nightly Nuge on YouTube. After talking about the bands and artists’ current situation and quality, the famous musician wanted to praise Guns N’ Roses‘ ongoing performances.

Guns N’ Roses began their ongoing world tour named We’re F’N Back Tour on January 31, 2020, in Miami and will end on December 10, 2022, in Auckland. Although the band couldn’t perform some of their concerts in the beginning because of the global pandemic, they returned to the stage last summer, which made their longtime dedicated fans from all around the world happy and excited after challenging times.

In addition, Nugent, who has known the band members for decades after Guns N’ Roses opened for him and heavy metal band Black ‘n Blue at Santa Monica Civic on August 30, 1986, shared his ideas about their tour. According to the musician, they have been playing better than ever, and they aren’t a newbie band which is proof of musical quality in the USA along with RHCP, Sammy Hagar, and more.

Nugent’s comment could surprise some people after the band’s frontman Axl Rose had received criticism due to the problems with his voice and postponed a recent concert to recover. Furthermore, the guitarist revealed that the secret behind his never-ending passion, enthusiasm, and vitality was staying away from drugs and alcohol for seventy-four years. Nugent emphasized the existence of the American dream no matter what people’s pursuits were.

Uncle Ted shared his ideas, saying:

“I’m 74 years clean and sober; that’s why this enthusiasm, passion, and vitality are alive and well. If I was a welder, and I wish I were a welder. But no matter what your pursuit or career might be, dreams might involve the American dream is about plunging totally into that pursuit, whether it’s golf like Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan in basketball and these incredible athletes and musical gods that inspire the soundtrack for our life for everybody.

The English bands were reintroducing the black American artists to the new bands when they weren’t new or RHCP, Sammy Hagar, or Aerosmith. There are killer vitality musical soundtracks available in the USA and worldwide. Guns N’ Roses are touring the world now, probably playing better than they ever had. They aren’t a new band but keep it new. Because the music of Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley in the hands of every guitarist in every band is guaranteed.”

You can check out the video below.