John Petrucci Confirms That Dream Theater’s Working On A New Album And Gives A Possible Release Date

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci spoke in a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar and excited the fans with the new album announcement.

As you might recall, John Petrucci recently released a new album with his former bandmate Mike Portnoy in Liquid Tension Experiment, LTE3, and it seemed like this didn’t enough for him to stop in this year.

According to Petrucci, Dream Theater went back into the studio right after they released the LTE3 album and revealed that he is playing an 8-string guitar for this album.

Furthermore, John also revealed the estimated release date of the album by saying that it will come out in this year. Moreover, John mentioned that they are still working on some of the things to make the album perfect.

Interviewer asked:

“The last time we spoke, back in August, we talked about an 8-string that was being developed, which you said would probably make a debut on the new Dream Theater album. Do you have any updates on that?”

John Petrucci replied:

“I do. Dream Theater went back into the studio after Liquid Tension. We went back in the fall, and we’ve been working on an album that is going to come out later this year.

It’s coming out awesome, and there is, indeed, an 8-string song on the record. So, we’ve been working on an 8-string. It’s an 8-string Majesty.

We have two prototypes so far. I was able to use one to write with and record with. We’re still working some things out to get it perfect. But it will be on the record and it will be something that comes out at some point.

I don’t have a release date on it yet, but it’s awesome. It’s totally inspiring and awesome and I can’t wait for people to hear it. I’m so glad it made it on the new record. In due time, you’ll be able to see it and hear it.”

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