Jay Jay French Admits That A Twisted Sister Reunion Is Not Out Of The Picture

During a recent conversation on the Chuck Schute Podcast, Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French stated that he’s never closing the door on a Twisted Sister reunion because that was also their plan back at the beginning of the 2000s but they ended up being together longer than they did with the original line-up.

As you know, Twisted Sister was formed back in 1972 but they released their first album ten years later, which marked their rise in fame. The band came to be known as one of the most influential acts of the ’80s but the band’s lead vocalist Dee Snider decided to leave the band soon after achieving worldwide fame which obviously came as a shock.

Although fans were aware of the increasing tensions between the band members, the reason behind this radical decision remained a mystery. Upon their disbandment, there were some attempted reunions and Twisted Sister gave out their last performance a year after their bandmate A.J. Pero’s passing in Monterrey on November 12, 2016.

During a recent interview with the Chuck Schute Podcast, the band’s guitarist Jay Jay French said that he doesn’t rule out the possibility of a reunion anymore because back in 2003, they’d decided to do a two-year reunion that lasted for 14 years which was ‘longer than the original band lasted with AJ.’ Thus, Jay Jay said that he’s stopped talking so confidently about the future because no one knows.

Jay Jay French shared his thoughts on a potential reunion using the following words:

“We used to say it would never happen, I will no longer say that. We came back in 2003 for basically a two-year reunion, which lasted 14 years and it lasted longer than the original band lasted with AJ. It was an incredible ride and when we walked offstage, I personally just said, ‘that’s it for me.’ But who knows?”

You can check out the whole interview below.