Pattie Boyd Recalls Bob Dylan’s ‘Limit’ For George Harrison

Before Eric Clapton stole her heart by using every trick in the book, Pattie Boyd was George Harrison’s wife. As it turns out, the couple visited Bob Dylan several times and spent time with the musician in his house. Speaking to Classic Rock, Pattie revealed that Bob Dylan was distant, and he even had a limit for Harrison.

Being the wife of a Beatle comes with lots of things, and one of them is meeting his fellow musicians. Pattie Boyd was a fan of Bob Dylan’s music, and she had a chance to meet him thanks to George Harrison. However, she couldn’t even hug her favorite artist. According to Boyd, Dylan kept everyone at arm’s length, including his friend George Harrison.

“I love Bob’s music,” Pattie Boyd admitted, “I’m such a fan. His lyrics are thoughtful and insightful to human behavior – sometimes a little cruel. I adore ‘Lay Lady Lay,’ and it has a louche, slinky sound that is really cool, and his voice is beautiful on it. I met Bob a couple of times; George and I stayed with him in his house just outside New York State.”

She then continued, revealing Bob Dylan was an evasive person, “There’s something about Bob that would stop you from giving him a hug or a kiss. He’s evasive; he doesn’t do chit-chat – he’s endlessly fascinating. He’s not someone you ‘hang out’ with. George did that a bit, but they were talking about music, and that was his limit.”

Interestingly, Bob Dylan wasn’t really a friendly person, even towards George Harrison. Although Pattie and George stayed at his house, Bob had an invisible aura that kept everyone at a distance. Apparently, he only talked with George about music, and this was the limit he put on their conversations.