When Kirk Hammett’s Favorite Metallica Solo Didn’t Meet Expectations


There are a number of bands that gave birth to monumental guitar solos in their music career. Many fans would consider Metallica among those successful groups as they released countless iconic tracks that include influential guitar parts such as ‘One,’ ‘Enter Sandman,’ ‘Master of Puppets,’ and many more.

Successful guitarist Kirk Hammett who joined Metallica in 1983 after Dave Mustaine was fired from the band is the key figure in creating those timeless guitar solos. Throughout the band’s forty-year-old music career, Hammett has written many unforgettable riffs and solos.

While the list of admired Metallica guitar solos is quite long and changes from one fan to another, it’s always a matter of curiosity of Kirk Hammett’s own choice. Fortunately for his fans, the guitarist named his favorite Metallica solos one time, and his number one spot may surprise you as it’s different than most of their listeners.

Kirk Hammett Revealed A Surprising Choice For His Favorite Metallica Solo


As the lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett has had a big role in the band’s success and their fast and high-powered style. Hammett’s guitar playing style was inspired by a mix of metal, classic rock, and also blues sounds. His biggest influences are known to be Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani. He was also trained by Satriani to improve his playing skills.

The guitar solos blended with technical virtuosity have the power to transcend the songs and wonderfully complete them. Kirk Hammett played many memorable solos that stuck in the minds of many of us. His solos are both a big source of inspiration for young guitar players and also a significant part of Metallica’s identity.

In a previous interview with Metal Hammer, Kirk Hammett was asked about his favorite Metallica solos and you will be probably surprised by his top choice. The guitarist picked ‘Fade to Black’ from the 1984 Metallica album, ‘Ride the Lightning,’ as his second favorite solo. Hammett said that he likes playing this solo because it is open to improvisation so he has the opportunity to recreate it every time he plays.

Kirk Hammett selected ‘One’ from the album ‘…And Justice for All’ as his third favorite one. He also talked about the interesting creation process of this solo. Hammett remembered that Lars Ulrich called him and said they needed a solo for ‘One.’ Then, Kirk listened to the track a couple of times and just followed the chord progression. The legendary solo immediately showed up thanks to Kirk’s great talent.

When we come to his most favorite guitar solo with Metallica, Hammett surprisingly picked ‘Hero of the Day’ from the 1996 album, ‘Load.’ Kirk Hammett also explained why this solo is his favorite one. He said that he really likes the structure of this solo as it starts with rhythmic sounds and then continues with a totally different level.

Here are Kirk Hammett’s words on his favorite guitar solo with Metallica:

“It goes from minor to major, it starts with a rhythmic thing, then brings the next part to the next level. A lot of people would disagree and I don’t know why, but to me, it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done.”

Kirk Hammett himself is also aware that his favorite choice is sort of an unexpected one but apparently, he is really into that solo. Hammett tried to list his three favorite solos but probably has so many other favorites too. Some of them may be surprising to the fans but the musicians mostly have a different approach when it comes to technical aspects related to music.

You can listen to Kirk Hammett’s favorite, ‘Hero of the Day,’ below.