Matt Bellamy Says Jimi Hendrix And Kurt Cobain Inspired Him To Create Chaos

The lead vocalist and primary lyricist of Muse, Matt Bellamy, recently appeared on Guitar World and revealed the names that inspired his musical style and attitude on the rock scene.

Muse has been around since 1994, and it is known that the band loves experimenting with different sounds and effects. Their combination of techniques, elements, and genres ultimately led to the creation of the distinctive Muse sound. Bellamy is credited for writing the majority of the band’s discography, and as it turns out, there were several names that inspired him while trying to create Muse’s characteristic sound.

Frontman Matt Bellamy mentioned some of these names in a recent interview with Guitar World. He credited Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, even though they peaked in different eras, because they had something in common. Although they had different sounds and styles, both names were known for their passionate playing, energy, and rebellious ‘spirit,’ which can also be spotted in Muse’s sound.

Muse frontman Bellamy described this spirit as a type of chaos and revealed that he tried to incorporate this chaotic style into his music. When asked whether he was influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen, Matt said that he listened to him when he first started playing the guitar but then gave up when he realized he couldn’t be as technical as Malmsteen. He ultimately decided that Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix’s style was closer to theirs, and that’s why he chose the side of chaos, carnage, and noise.

Bellamy’s statement about the inspirations behind his guitar style follows:

“I haven’t listened to him in a while, but Yngwie was one of those people I got into in the early ’90s when I first started playing. Clearly back then, I thought there was a chance! After a while, I realized I simply couldn’t get to where he was and sort of veered off towards more classical and flamenco guitar styles.

Then I started listening to players like Hendrix and Cobain and felt, ‘You know what? I can do chaos. I can’t do this unbelievable technical precision but what I can do is create a mess!’ So I went down the road of noise, chaos, and carnage… and little elements of the other things stayed with me. And I think you’re probably right, some of the fast-moving harmonic minor ideas will have come from players like that.”

There is no doubt that many fans are delighted Matt Bellamy chose chaos instead of technical precision as it’s this chaotic and creative sound that gives Muse its character. For those wondering, Muse is currently on the road for their live performances, with many different destinations on their route, both in Europe and the States.