Orianthi Confirms She Didn’t Receive An Invitation From Alice Cooper To Replace Nita Strauss

Ex-Alice Cooper guitarist Orianthi opened up about being a part of Alice Cooper’s touring band and playing with the members in her recent conversation with VWMusic. The musician revealed that Alice Cooper didn’t ask her to return to the group to replace Nita Strauss.

After gaining fame as the late musician Michael Jackson’s guitar player, the next milestone in Orianthi’s professional career can be regarded as joining Alice Cooper’s band in 2011, following the departure of Thin Lizzy’s Damon Johnson. Orianthi’s being the first female artist in the group drew significant attention, but her time with Cooper wasn’t too long. She decided to leave in 2014 to team up with former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

After Orianthi’s departure, Nita Strauss became the new Alice Cooper guitarist, and she played with them for almost eight years until her latest statements. Strauss announced that she parted ways with the famous group by promising she would come back to the stage in a short time. Thus, everyone started to wonder who would be the next Cooper member until The Godfather of Shock Rock unveiled that Kane Roberts, who had worked for him from 1985 to 1988, returned to them.

Orianthi was one of these names uttered while talking about the one that could replace, so the reporter wanted to learn her ideas about this situation. The guitarist recalled when Cooper called her to play for some festivals when Strauss couldn’t join for some time ago. Then there was no need for her to go when Strauss could make it, but she was ready to rush over there immediately. Orianthi highlighted that Alice Cooper was like a family and kept the door open for possible future collaborations, but she didn’t get any invitation following Strauss’ recent departure.

Orianthi shared her ideas, saying:

“So, Alice reached out to me not too long ago about joining him for some festivals in Europe. I don’t know; I guess Nita couldn’t make it like she was doing something. Then she ended up being able to make it, but I was going to get on a plane and rush over there and guest with him. Look, with Alice, the door is always open in the sense that we’re a family. I love him dearly; I love Sheryl; I love the whole band; they’re my brothers.

Any time, like when it comes to guests with Alice, I am there, absolutely, because I love the band and it’s so fun. I’m an artist – I have my career, too, which I want to focus on with my records and what I’m doing – but any time Alice calls me, I am there. A hundred percent if he wanted me to join him in the future for a run.

I got a lot of messages when Nita left, ‘Are you gonna go and do it?‘ Like, my phone was blowing up. I was like, ‘I don’t know. That would be cool.’ Look, there are so many things that go into play with that kind of stuff; it’s what’s fitting for Alice, it’s what’s fitting for me. With Kane joining, he’s got that kind of that metal edge, which Nita has. She’s a different player than I am, and it’s a different sort of vibe.”

She added:

I bring more the blues-rock vibe to his thing. It was fun; it was fun. I think that we have our set personalities. I mean, all the guitar players do, from Tommy Hendrickson, he has that edge, to Ryan Roxie, who has that old school playing, and his phrasing’s great, and Nita brought the real shred fest theatrics, and she’s awesome.

So, it’s like, what character fits this run? I mean, honestly, that’s where it’s at. With Alice, the door is always open; we’re all family here. It’s a great thing. It’s a great vibe, and I love them all. So, whatever happens in the future, I’m down. Alice calls; I’m there. When Alice calls me to join the Christmas Pudding, I’m there. Hollywood Vampires, I played on that record – guested with him a few times with that, too. He’s a lovely, amazing, incredible artist, so any time he calls, for sure.”

Consequently, Orianthi stated that she loved, respected, and admired Alice Cooper so much that she would play any band or project he wished her to join. Therefore, it can be understood from her statement that the fans could expect new collaborations from them soon.