One Direction’s Zayn Malik Signals Entering Rock Scene With Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Pop has always been a mortal enemy of rock. However, the music industry has seen several brave names transitioning from pop to rock. Some attempts have been successful, and some have met with considerable backlash. Considering the conflict in the nature of these two genres, it is possible to say that the latter scenario is more likely. Judging by the post shared by Jimi Hendrix’s official account tagging him, One Direction’s Zayn Malik has the same intention. Details are not yet known, nor is the reaction to such a project.

There is little information about the project; just a video was revealed on the official Jimi Hendrix Instagram and Twitter accounts. The teaser video starts with the names of Zayn Malik and Jimi Hendrix and with increasing crowd noise in the background. Then begins the electric guitar intro to ‘Angel’ by Jimi Hendrix, a song from his posthumous 1971 album ‘The Cry of Love.’ As the video continues and the vocals kick in, we hear Hendrix’s voice replaced by Malik’s.

Only a date, November 25, was written in the post’s caption, and as you may know, that is two days before what would be Hendrix’s 80th birthday. It is unknown whether this will be released on this date to celebrate the rock giant’s birthday or if it is just a coincidence. It also has yet to be revealed whether this will be a one-time project or a sign of Malik switching genres.

Before this unexpected development, Zayn Malik was already doing different projects on the music scene, though less popular than when he had debuted. The musician built a reputation as a member of the five-piece boy band One Direction and embarked on different musical projects as the first name to leave the band after five years.

Recently, names such as Miley Cyrus and Machine Gun Kelly have switched their genres from pop to rock. However, they haven’t been embraced by some rock listeners. It is unknown how this unexpected ‘collaboration’ will be received by both Malik’s own audience and the rock circles. With only some days left until the date announced in the caption, it seems like we’ll find out soon.