Nita Strauss Thinks Demi Lovato Is A Rock Star Just Like Alice Cooper

In a recent interview with Backstage Pass Rock-News, Nita Strauss shared her experiences working with both Alice Cooper and Demi Lovato, emphasizing that Lovato is as much a rock star as Cooper.

Strauss, who made headlines in 2022 for leaving Cooper’s band to join Lovato on tour, described the transition as smoother than many might expect. She explained:

“It wasn’t as different as you might think. Demi is a total rock star and wanted to go in a more heavy direction with her new music, so she’s got a great rock album that came out in 2022 called ‘Holy Fvck’ and put together an amazing all-female band to tour on that album. It wasn’t really so different to all the other rock tours that I’ve ever done because it was a rock show.”

No Pop Compromises

Detailing her time performing with Demi, the guitarist continued:

“We had distorted guitars, big guitar solos. I used all my guitar tones. There wasn’t like, ‘Hey, you need to make it sound more pop.’ It was a rock show, and Demi honestly is the same as Alice in that respect. She has so much love and respect for her fans and understands that these are the people that got her where she is today. It was just a joy to be around. I had a great time.”

Inspiring The Next Generation

Strauss’s move to Lovato’s band was not just about changing acts but opening up a new world of musical influence. Speaking to Riff Magazine in August 2023, Strauss expressed her desire to introduce a new audience to guitar-driven music, saying:

“The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was opening up this gateway to a whole new group of fans to this guitar playing and the style of music that I love so much. … A big part of what we do as musicians is inspire the next generation to pick up a guitar and play. If you are put in this position where you can reach a whole new audience … of younger fans and say, ‘Hey, it’s cool to have a live instrument. It’s cool to be up there, playing real drums, playing bass, playing keys, and doing guitar solos.'”

In another interview, Nita appreciated her tour with Lovato for its gender-balanced team and sobriety focus. She enjoyed working with an all-female band and the equal mix of men and women, finding the sober atmosphere refreshing after two decades of touring.

Watch the rest of her interview below.