The Song Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil Wrote For His Daughter Skylar Who Died From Cancer

Mötley Crüe is a band known for its progressive music, amazing live performances, and record-breaking sales. However, the band is also known for its members who often made it to the headlines with their backstage antics fueled by drugs and alcohol.

Even though the bandmates are known for their thrill for adventure, there have been times that they hit rock bottom due to personal tragedies. One such instance took place back in 1995 when the band’s lead singer Vince Neil lost his beloved daughter Skylar at the age of four.

Why Did Vince Neil’s Daughter Skylar Pass Away?

In 1987, when Mötley Crüe had achieved international fame, Vince Neil fell in love and got married to mud wrestler and fashion model Sharise Ruddell. After four years of marriage, the couple had their first and only child whom they named Skylar. Shortly after her birth, Vince and Sharise got divorced.

Vince’s love for his daughter was well known and although she seemed like a healthy and happy child, one day she started experiencing severe stomach pain. Although they initially thought it was appendicitis, it turned out to be a cancerous tumor and she was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumor, a kidney cancer affecting children.

After the diagnosis, she went through six operations in addition to extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments. After four months of fiercely battling cancer, little Skylar sadly passed away. The tumor had grown and spread to the point where there wasn’t a lot that could be done. In a later interview, Vince Neil said that the tumor weighed six and a half pounds which was as much as she did when she was born.

Here’s what Vince Neil said:

That’s how much Skylar had weighed when she was born… I had never seen anything like it before: it was the face of evil. It lay spread out in a metal pan, a nacreous mess of sh*t.”

Did Vince Neil Write A Song For His Late Daughter Skylar?

Following her death in August 1995, Vince Neil went through a difficult mourning period. However, he decided to found the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund, which has raised millions of dollars to this day for children’s cancer research.

Prior to Skylar’s hospitalization, Vince Neil had been working on a solo album named Carved In Stone which was released in September 1995. Some versions of the album include a track named ‘Skylar’s Song‘ which Neil wrote for his late daughter.

The lyrics of the song are emotional and reflect the eternal and deep love of a father towards his daughter. As for the music video of the song it features video clips from Skylar’s childhood and the happy days they spent together.

You can listen to ‘Skylar’s Song‘ below.