Nita Strauss Compares Touring With Demi Lovato To Alice Cooper, ‘It Was Nice Being Sober’

Rocking the stage with her guitar skills, Nita Strauss switched from performing with Alice Cooper to sharing the stage with pop sensation Demi Lovato. Now, as she reunites with Cooper for a tour, Strauss opens up in a candid chat with Kerrang about her experiences on the road with both artists.

Strauss said she really vibed with the girl power on Lovato’s tour. She was pleasantly taken aback by the high female presence, something she hadn’t experienced in her extensive 21-year touring career. Nita claimed that being a part of a predominantly female team, with 12 women on their tour bus, was something new and exciting for her.

Along with the thrill of working with a team of talented women, Strauss also cherished the focus on sobriety during Lovato’s tour. According to the guitarist, the atmosphere backstage was a stark contrast to her time with Alice Cooper, as alcohol was noticeably absent. This element of the tour was particularly significant for Strauss, who herself practices sobriety.

Here is what Nita Strauss recalled about touring with Lovato:

“Demi was a blast to tour with; it was great being around so many women. I think it was an exact 50/50 ratio of men to women on tour, which is unheard of – we had an all-female band. I think there were 12 girls on our bus on this tour, which I have never had during my 21 years touring. It was fun to be on a tour where sobriety was a big part of it; there’s no alcohol backstage, which is nice for me as somebody who is sober.”

It appears that Nita Strauss’ time with Demi Lovato presented an opportunity for her to work in an empowering, female-dominated environment that also respected and promoted her personal commitment to sobriety. All in all, this was a winning experience for Strauss on multiple levels.