Nita Strauss Shares A Health Update After Her Meniscus Repair Surgery

Who would have thought that touring on a torn meniscus for eight months would make it worse? Not Nita Strauss! The show-must-go-on Strauss continued giving it her all after she injured her knee while on the road with Alice Cooper. Ultimately, the time for the repair surgery came. The guitarist took to Twitter to share the good news that the surgery had gone well and that she was on the mend.

Meniscus repair surgery went as well as it could have!” the guitarist wrote to give an update after her surgery. “Super grateful for the steady hands of the Rams doctor Dr. Banffey and the great staff at the surgery center.”

She continued, “Josh and my mama are here to take care of me in the aftermath, and all is well.” Although it was a hard pill to swallow that she had to take a more extended break than she ever intended to, Nita is now resting and being taken care of to get back to the stage.

Nita Strauss has had a fruitful year, to say the least, making headlines by becoming Demi Lovato’s guitarist while also working on her solo venture. Nita released a new solo single alongside a music video for ‘The Wolf You Feed.’ The track featured a guest vocalist, Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. While we wait for Strauss to get back up on stage, her latest song will have to suffice until she is fully healed.