Avril Lavigne Disappoints Fans With Bikini Photos

Avril Lavigne shared a new post on her official Instagram account from her vacation in Malibu, however, her look in the picture seemed to disappoint some of her followers.

The 36-year-old singer released her latest record back in 2019, named ‘Head Above Water,’ and she wasn’t quite active since then. Last year, she re-released her ‘Warrior’ song, named ‘We Are Warriors,’ to support the project Hope during the coronavirus pandemic.

In December 2020, Avril confirmed that she is working on a new studio album with Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly, and she released the ‘Flames’ single in January 2021 that featuring Mod Sun. After a short period, Avril revealed that the recording of the album is finished and showed that the release would follow in the near future. However, the community didn’t receive any new singles or even news from the upcoming album yet.

Because of that, some of the fans were disappointed to see Avril’s bikini photos that she took during her holiday in Malibu. Instead of seeing Lavigne showing off her body, they were mostly waiting for an update about Avril’s new album. As you can see in the pictures below, Avril was wearing a green bikini suit that shows her toned body as well as her hidden star tattoos on her groin. Also, she combined her outfit with heart-shaped sunglasses.

Avril Lavigne stated that she is now spending her summer in Malibu:

“Summer in Malibu.”

A fan of Lavigne wrote in the comment section of her post:

“You promised us new music in summer.”

One of her fans asked:

“What about your first single? I’m looking forward to!!!”

Another fan reminded Avril about the album announcement that they have been waiting for:

“Avril, we are waiting for the announcement of the new album.”

You can check out the post below.