Justin Hawkins Reacts To Queens Of The Stone Age’s New Song

Justin Hawkins has found a new rock anthem to champion. In the most recent episode of his YouTube series, Justin Hawkins Rides Again, he offered his thoughts on Queens of the Stone Age‘s latest effort.

The band recently with released their new single, ‘Emotion Sickness,’ unveiled via an announcement on their Instagram page. The Darkness’ lead vocalist and guitarist didn’t miss a beat, jumping at the opportunity to share his thoughts on the first single from their upcoming album.

Hawkins expressed admiration for the track, applauding the band’s ability to blend together an edgy and raw sound into a compelling piece of music. His enthusiasm for the track extended beyond mere praise, declaring it the best rock piece he had encountered since the beginning of his channel.

To express his thoughts, the musician said:

“That’s what I love about Queens of the Stone Age. It’s so accomplished, and things like that – they can pull off things like that, but it still sounds edgy and still sounds exciting and still sounds raw. That’s a really difficult line to walk, I think. To have one foot on either side.

I declare this my favorite piece of rock music that I’ve covered since we started the channel. It’s unbelievably brilliant, and it’s – I’m going to listen to it all day.”

Fans of Queens of the Stone Age can look forward to more tunes like Hawkins’ new favorite, as the band’s full album, ‘In Times New Roman,’ will be released on June 16. This musical endeavor will not stand alone and will be accompanied by a European tour this summer.