Did Jani Lane Hate ‘Cherry Pie’ Of Warrant


Numerous bands have gained recognition with one particular song that brought them commercial success and worldwide fame. While some of these bands used their hit single’s popularity to build a reputation and continue their career, some felt these tracks overshadowed their entire catalog and became an obstacle on their way. Regardless of their opinions, many fans still wanted to hear these pieces and ignored the musicians’ feelings.

This was the case with Warrant when they released their lead single ‘Cherry Pie’ from their third studio album. The band enjoyed its success and legacy for a while, but it led to an unpleasant situation after their fanbase began recognizing them only with this song. The band’s frontman Jani Lane once opened up about this matter and revealed whether he hated the song due to its popularity.

‘Cherry Pie’ Was A Huge Warrant Hit


On September 8, 1990, Warrant released their lead single from the album of the same name, ‘Cherry Pie,’ three days before their record. Though it was a late inclusion on the album, the song proved to be one of the band’s most successful, if not the most successful, musical efforts.

Upon its release, ‘Cherry Pie’ found a place at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, reaching number 10. However, the song’s chart success didn’t end there. It also peaked at number 19 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. Many consider it a hair metal anthem thanks to its commercial achievements and the countless fans who loved the song.

What Did Jani Lane Say About The Song?


Many Warrant members felt that ‘Cherry Pie’ was not their best song and considered the track’s success a double-sided situation. The single brought them fame, but it overshadowed many other potential hits. In an interview with Rock Music Menu, Jani Lane talked about whether ‘Cherry Pie’ has stolen the spotlight from some of their other songs like ‘Blind Faith’ and ‘I Saw Red.’

The musician stated that it might have overshadowed their other works among the younger generation. He noted that their previous statements had made people think he hated the song since he once expressed his regret for writing it. However, Lane cleared the air about the misunderstanding and stated that he didn’t hate the song. Lane’s only concern was people’s approach to his other works, but he was happy to release such a timeless song.

When asked about ‘Cherry Pie,’ Lane said:

“People are like, ‘You hated that song.’ No, I didn’t hate the song. It’s just that when I was young and full of angst, and I wanted everyone to listen to my serious songs, I was like, ‘How dare you define me by that kitschy, tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo.’ Now in hindsight, I’m pleased that I wrote something that seems to be standing the test of time, at least to this point.”

You can listen to ‘Cherry Pie’ below.