Ted Nugent Reacts To Paul McCartney’s Criticism Over His Hunting

In a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent talked about the allegations raised by media besides his music career. Nugent also responded to Paul McCartney‘s past criticism about him hunting.

Ted Nugent has been known for his activism along with his music career. He openly talks about his views on the current political issues on social media. The rocker is also interested in hunting. He gets reactions from time to time from the people who do not support it, especially after his controversial comments about animal rights.

In the previous year, Ted Nugent mentioned that Paul McCartney talked about him negatively because he murdered innocent animals. As Nugent stated, McCartney said about him that he is not a real musician as he does not have a ‘musical idea.’ Nugent reacted to the Beatles guitarist by calling him an ‘unfortunate vegan.’

Recently, Ted Nugent stated that the media tried to create an environment for him to react to Paul McCartney’s discourses. According to the rocker, if he had to say something to McCartney, he would instead respond by saying that McCartney is a fantastic musician who touches upon everybody’s lives with many musical talents. Nugent also reacted to the Beatles icon’s veganism, mentioning he killed everything by hiring a person to eat his salad.

Regarding McCartney’s words, Nugent explained:

“I did an interview this morning up in New York, and they were talking about how Paul McCartney attacks me because I murder ‘Bambi.’ I don’t remember participating in a cartoon, but if you take enough LSD, I suppose you can think that. My point being is that they wanted me to retaliate against Paul McCartney for attacking me.

They wanted me to respond. So I did respond, and I said, ‘If I could talk to Paul, I’d go ‘Thank you, Paul, for enriching mankind with your incredible talents, incredible songwriting, dedication, and work ethic to making music that’s so enriching and brought happiness and escape to our lives.’

Even though he is a tofu guy, which means he hires a guy with a tractor to kill everything to get that field ready for his beans. Then if anything slithers back dismembered into the bean field, Paul McCartney pays that tractor operator, so more money to kill everything that gets in the way of his salad.”

You can watch the entire episode below.