Ted Nugent Reacts To Paul McCartney Saying ‘Ted Is Not A Real Musician’

American activist and veteran guitar player Ted Nugent dissed The Beatles icon Paul McCartney’s words about him in a video he posted on his official Facebook page.

As you may have known, Ted Nugent shows his activism through many social media platforms displaying his opinions, views, and criticism strictly against the current US government and urges people to stand up. He doesn’t only promote his opinions on politics, but he is also interested in hunting. Almost a month ago, he urged his followers to get ready for an uprising and stock food, load up their guns in their homes in case the country suddenly shuts down.

The backlash he has been receiving extended to the Beatles star Paul McCartney. As told by Ted Nugent, McCartney talked about him at a previous interview in a negative way. McCartney stated that he cannot stand Nugent because he murders innocent animals and called him ‘not a real musician.’ McCartney has been a strong defender of veganism and human rights throughout the years and since Nugent’s biggest hobby is hunting, their philosophies crash with each other.

That is why McCartney strictly attacked Ted Nugent when he was asked to talk about his opinions towards him. The Beatles guitarist did not only state that Nugent is a coward because he is hunting animals but also he mentioned his disbelief towards people who listen to Ted’s music. In return, Nugent called Paul McCartney an ‘unfortunate vegan’ because according to his beliefs, whether someone is a good or a bad person doesn’t depend on their diet.

Here is why Nugent called McCartney an unfortunate vegan:

“Paul McCartney is hardcore, and I would call an unfortunate vegan. In that, he interviewed in Detroit one time. Of course, Detroit influenced the Beatles, Mo-town influenced everybody. And Detroit is notorious for having killer souls for musicians.

The interviewer asked Paul McCartney what does he think about being in Detroit, performing with his band Wings as this epicenter of such musical influences. Went on and on about the four tops, temptational, Stevie Wonder, and all things Mo-Town they asked him about ‘Romantics’ had a big song at the time, that’s a great song it’s almost Beatles-like in many ways. Beatles kind of morphed into the American Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Detroit energy level.

The interview says like ‘Our number one guitar player in Detroit is Ted Nugent, what do you think of Ted Nugent?’ He went on an unfortunate, hateful, nasty rant attacking me, ‘Ted is not a real musician. He’s a coward because he murders innocent animals, and he’s never had a good musical idea. I can’t stand the guy, I can’t believe anybody would listen to his music.’ Really, really unfortunate.”

Nugent has naturally been receiving a lot of reactions from the media, from other celebrities, and society. His followers seem to be devoted to his opinions rather than music currently as they listen to his speeches, preaches and they mostly talk about them in the comments instead of his music.