The Pink Floyd Song Roger Waters And Nick Mason Recorded In One Take

The creation and recording process of musical pieces are primarily full of crazy, unforgettable, and unbelievable adventures that can have different consequences for the bands and artists. Throughout the history of rock music, almost every tragic event occurred, such as losing a band member, departures, personal disputes, physical violence, inability to find the lyrics or original recordings, and countless others.

However, apart from the crisis, working on an album also connected and rebuilt the band members’ relationships by reminding them they were a team. In addition to these situations that will always be memorable and inspiration for their longtime dedicated fans, the musicians made great efforts to create and record their music. One of them was an iconic Pink Floyd album that became very popular with a unique track.

The Details About Pink Floyd’s ‘Atom Heart Mother’

Pink Floyd released their fifth studio album entitled ‘Atom Heart Mother’ on October 2, 1970, in the UK and October 10, 1970, in the US. The record became commercially successful and hit the charts all around the world. Once again, the band members, especially Roger Waters’ proved their unmatchable and unique talent and creativity, which their followers had already known since their first appearance on the rock stage.

In addition, the album’s one-of-a-kind cover was designed by an English art design group named Hipgnosis that also worked with Black Sabbath, UFO, 10cc, Bad Company, and Led Zeppelin, drew significant attention from rock music lovers and critics. Along with the artwork, the recording part of it was pretty distinctive. So, let’s check out an interesting detail about a track/suite from the album, including bassist and singer Roger Waters and drummer Nick Mason.

Roger Waters And Nick Mason Recorded A Track Without A Break

‘Atom Heart Mother’ is a six-part suite that consists of ‘Father’s Shout,’ ‘Breast Milky,’ ‘Mother Fore,’ ‘Funky Dung,’ ‘Mind Your Throats Please,’ and ‘Remergence.’ It was considered one of the Pink Floyd masterpieces that inspired many musicians worldwide with its well-crafted sounds and the artists’ performances as musicians. This bold attempt made them work on the record hard with some extra help.

Pink Floyd members worked with Ron Geesin for orchestration and co-composition, Abbey Road Session Pops Orchestra, John Alldis Choir, and Hafliði Hallgrímsson as additional musicians to perform this legendary song. The suite’s recording started with basses and drums, so Mason and Waters had to play for twenty-three minutes in one take. Moreover, famous director Stanley Kubrick wanted to use this track for his dystopian crime film ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ but they refused.

You can listen to the song below.