Ex-Metallica Producer Shares The Mysterious Incident Happened The Night Cliff Burton Died

In his interview with Talk Is Jericho, Megaforce Records founder, and Metallica’s former producer, Jon Zazula recalled his memories with Metallica’s late bassist, Cliff Burton. He also opened up a mysterious coincidence that happened the night Burton died.

As you may know, Jon Zazula has been famous for being the man who discovered Metallica as well as many other iconic bands such as Testament and Anthrax. He revealed that he saw Cliff Burton one day before he died. Metallica bassist, Cliff Burton died in an unfortunate and controversial bus accident during their tour on September 27, 1986, in Sweeden.

While Kirk Hammett and Cliff Burton were playing cards to decide each member’s place to sleep on the bus, Burton won the game and wanted to take Hammett’s place. Unfortunately, later that night the bus involved in an accident which caused Cliff to be thrown out of the bus and die. Even though the bus driver blamed the black ice on the road for the accident, the police couldn’t find any on the road. Burton passed away at the scene since the bus fell onto him after he was thrown out of the window. John Zazula was one of the last people who spend time with Cliff before he died.

Apparently, they ran into each other while Burton was buying some jewelry and they spent some time together. After Cliff passed away, Zazula went to watch the performance of Testamentbut something other than the performance attracted his attention. He recalled hearing ‘(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth,’ which is a bass solo written by Burton, played by bass players behind every door. Zazula stated he didn’t know if it was a tribute or auditioning, but apparently, it blew his mind.

Here’s what Zazula stated about the interesting coincidence regarding Cliff Burton’s death:

“Anyway, Cliff Burton, when he passed, I had flown to San Francisco to see Testament, and they were rehearsing in a music building, building that had, let’s say 26 bands rehearsing together.

That night when I went to hear Testament, all I could hear was bass players playing behind every door, ‘Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth).’ Was it a tribute or auditioning, I don’t know, but whatever it was, it blew my mind.

And there’s nothing else to be said. I’m sure there are tons to be said, but that’s what I have to say.”

You can listen to the song below.

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