Nita Strauss Reveals The Metal Band Demi Lovato Secretly Listened To

In a recent interview with Rock Feed, Nita Strauss shared which metal band Demi Lovato listens to secretly.

The guitarist recalled her first show with Lovato, saying:

“The first show that we did… I walked down the hallway of the dressing rooms and I heard somebody listening to Megadeth. I walked by Demi’s room and it was Demi. Demi just like sitting in her room, finishing up her makeup, getting ready, listening to Megadeth. No cameras there.”

Strauss added:

“Nobody like, ‘Oh, I better put on this front of like… ‘I’m a rock chick.’ She was just there, listening to Megadeth, getting ready for the show exactly the way that I would have or anybody else in a band would have. It was such an authentic move for her to make and I was just so happy to be a part of it.”

Why Did Strauss Want To Work With Lovato?

In 2022, Nita left Alice Cooper and announced that she had joined Lovato’s band. In a 2023 chat with Guitar World, the musician reflected on why she chose Demi over Cooper:

“There was no big moment where I threw my guitar in the air, stormed out, and quit. It was more, ‘Hey, I have this opportunity with Demi. She’s working a lot this year, and Alice isn’t. What do you think if I go and do this?’ And Alice said, ‘Go do it; I love it. Go off; have fun. We support you completely.’ Demi was working a lot, and Alice wasn’t. I go where the work is.”

Later, Strauss also talked to Rock Hard Greece about her time with Lovato. She said Demi’s music feels more modern than Cooper’s, explaining:

“I wouldn’t say it was too challenging, the solo stuff is definitely a lot more challenging. The Demi [Lovato] set, it’s not as different as you might think. It was a very rock show and actually more of that modern rock than what we do with Alice Cooper. I think I played even a little bit more like myself at certain points in Demi’s shows because I didn’t have the constraints of staying within that classic rock style.”

After working with Lovato as a touring guitarist, Nita returned to Cooper’s band for the singer’s 2023 tour. She also contributed to Lovato’s remix album, ‘Revamped,’ which arrived in September 2023.

You can watch the rest of Nita’s chat below.