Myles Kennedy Details The Recording Process Of New Alter Bridge Album


During a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, the lead vocalist Myles Kennedy opened up more about the creation process of the upcoming Alter Bridge album, ‘Pawns & Kings.’

Alter Bridge entered the rock scene in 2004 with the debut album ‘One Day Remains,’ which was characterized as post-grunge and alternative metal. Although it received mixed reviews, it ranked number 5 on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold. Later, the band achieved its initial critical and commercial success with the 2010 ‘AB III’ album.

The band’s most recent record, ‘Walk the Sky,’ came out in 2019, featuring the singles like ‘Wouldn’t You Rather’ and ‘Pay No Mind.’ In an earlier interview, Mark Tremonti had announced they would release a seventh album named ‘Pawns & Kings,‘ which is scheduled to drop on October 14, 2022. The self-titled lead single and the follow-up single ‘Silver Tongue’ came out in the previous months.

Their fans have been excitedly waiting for the album to hear the ten new songs produced by the band’s long-time collaborator Michael Baskette. The band once again proves their talent in songwriting with songs like ‘Silver Tongue’ and ‘Holiday.’ The album includes a few six-minute songs and heavy Myles Kennedy riffs.

Recently, Kennedy gave more information about the album’s recording process stating that he did not use vintage guitars that much compared to his solo record. He mentioned that he mostly used a black PRS as he thought it would sound well on the band’s new effort. The rocker noted that he also persisted in using his long-time guitar since the ‘Blackbird’ era during the new album’s recording process. Kennedy added that it is an entirely black guitar with a T-style look.

Here’s what Myles Kennedy said when asked whether he used vintage guitars for the upcoming album:

“No, on this record, I didn’t use much as far as vintage stuff. I stuck to my PRS. About 80% of the record was recorded with this. I actually used it on this last solo run – it’s a black PRS that they made for me to emulate some of the sounds I had on the solo record that had more of a single coil quality that I really needed to hear in the live set. So, I found that it also worked really well on this new Alter Bridge record. So, most of my guitar parts were done with that guitar in conjunction with my old tried and true tobacco sunburst PRS 245 that I’ve used since the ‘Blackbird’ era. So those are the two primary guitars I used on this record.”

Kennedy added the following when asked if the guitar is the Tele-style one:

“It’s got a T-style look to it, yeah. So it’s just all black, and it has the neck dimensions I like – a big, fat neck, and it feels really good, and it sonically does what I need it to do. It’s beautiful.”

You can check out the released singles below.