Mick Jagger’s Backing Singer Opens Up About The Prestige Of Singing With The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones backup singer Bernard Fowler reflected on his tenure with the band during a recent interview with Rolling Stone. According to the musician, the high prestige of singing with the iconic band makes people think they can’t afford him anymore.

Bernard Fowler started working with the Rolling Stones in 1985 when Mick Jagger hired him to sing background vocals in his debut solo album, ‘She’s the Boss.’ It marked the beginning of a long-term business partnership, and in the later years, he also worked with the other Rolling Stones members, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, and Ron Wood, on their solo albums.

Following the solo projects, Mick Jagger invited Fowler to the Stones’ ‘Steel Wheels’ tour as he was highly impressed with his wide vocal range. Since then, he has been performing with the band as a backup singer during the tours. During his recent conversation, Bernard Fowler stressed that singing with the Stones is the highest level of his career.

The singer collaborated with many other notable names like Alice Cooper, Duran Duran, and Robert Plant but for him, working with the Stones is the most significant honor. However, although singing with them has many benefits, it also has one severe handicap. Due to its prestige, people assume that they can’t afford to hire him for the gigs anymore. Bernard Fowler revealed that some people are now afraid to call him as they think he will cost too much to them.

Bernard Fowler addressing the prestige of singing with the Rolling Stones:

“Singing with Herbie was nicer than everything else had been. And being with the Stones was just next level. There is no higher level. And to be asked by the greatest frontman in rock ‘n’ roll to sing for him, what bigger honor is there? I’ve always done my own things. I was doing my own things before the Stones. I do my stuff when the Stones aren’t doing their thing. I’m still doing my thing.

I remember telling Darryl Jones that it was a double-edged sword. You would think that because you were working with the Rolling Stones when you get off the road, your phone is going to be ringing off the hook. And it’s just the opposite. They think that because you’re doing that, they can’t afford you. You’re not going to work for $100 anymore. People are afraid to call you since they’re afraid you’re going to cost too much.”

The Rolling Stones recently announced a 60th-anniversary tour that will take place in UK and Europe this summer. The tour will start on June 1, in Madrid, Spain, and is scheduled to end on July 31, in Stockholm, Sweden.