Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell Shows What Kind Of Father He Is

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell posted a series of tweets about watching the sunset with his son and expressed how he has been trying to teach his children about life as a caring father.

As you may know, the legendary singer and songwriter, Perry Farrell has three children from his two relationships. He has a son named Yobel, who was born in 1998, with his ex-girlfriend Christine Cagle. Farrell also has two sons, Hezron Wolfgang and Izzadore Bravo, from his ongoing marriage with professional dancer and singer, Etty Lau Farrell. Etty is also known for her performances in all of Jane’s Addiction shows since the 1997 Relapse tour.

Recently on Twitter, Perry Farrell posted a picture of his son, Yobel, while he was taking a walk on the beach at the sunset. In his tweet, Perry mentioned that his son unexpectedly joined him to watch the sunset and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity he had to teach him about life. He also stated that a young lady, most likely Yobel’s girlfriend, joined them as well and he thought they looked great together even though he doesn’t know her well.

Furthermore, Farrell posted another tweet to express his feelings about spending quality time with his children, particularly during the pandemic. Perry mentioned that he tries to find the best spots to teach his son about life where he can stoke his imaginings. He added that his son is actually a lot like him which becomes even more apparent when a school of thought enters his mind even though he is shy at first. Farrell’s tweets received appreciation from his fans who considered him as a caring and exemplary father.

Here is what Perry Farrell wrote in his tweet about the special bond he has with his son:

“My son came down to join us for the sunset; very unexpected. It feels like it’s a perfect time to be a parent. Yes, teach your children well… I didn’t know who the young lady is- but they looked good together.”

Farrell also added:

“I use the best spots I can find- to teach him about life. A place where he would want to return to, and would always stoke his imaginings. He is like me in that- he is shy at first, but when a school of thought enters his mind- it is apparent.”

You can see the tweets Perry Farrell posted on his official Twitter account below.