Soundgarden Members Say Their Buyout Offer To Chris Cornell’s Widow Vicky Is ‘Grossly Mischaracterized’

Soundgarden‘s remaining members, lead guitarist Kim Thayil, drummer Matt Cameron, and bassist Ben Shepard opened up about the lawsuit filed by the late singer Chris Cornell‘s wife Vicky Cornell which issued the bandmembers for robbing from their former bandmate, Chris Cornell and his family.

As many of you recall, Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell already sued the surviving members of Soundgarden once in December 2019, because of allegedly, thousands of dollars unpaid royalties along with the rights to seven unreleased recordings made before Chris Cornell’s passing in May of 2017.

After being accused of not giving enough credit and payment to their former bandmate’s family, members of Soundgarden made a clear statement revealing that Vicky Cornell claims ownership of the final Soundgarden album in which Chriss has no instrumental or vocal parts. The band eventually filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed against each of them.

Two years have passed, however, the feud between Vicky Cornell and the members of Soundgarden do not seem to come to term with each other since Vicky Cornell once again filed a lawsuit against the remaining members of Soundgarden, stating that they are offering a lower payment, thus, robbing from their former bandmate Chris Cornell and his family.

After Vicky’s recent accusations and bold statement, the members of Soundgarden Thayil, Shepherd, and Cameron issued a statement revealing that the buyout offer has been hugely mischaracterized on February 20, and the members confidently stated that the truth will be revealed in the court.

Here is what Soundgarden said:

“The buyout offer that was demanded by the Estate has been grossly mischaracterized and we are confident that clarity will come out in court.”

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