Paul Stanley Says He Is Not A Rock Singer While Opening Up About His Projects Outside Of Rock Music

KISS frontman Paul Stanley opened up about his upcoming debut album ‘Now and Then’ with his side-band Soul Station during an interview with San Diego Union-Tribune, and revealed that it’s quite liberating that he’s breaking the limits of being a ‘rock star,‘ and proving everybody he’s more than just a definition.

As many of you know, Paul Stanley has a band outside KISS, an R&B, and soul band named ‘Soul Station’ including band members such as guitarist Rafael ‘Hoffa’ Moreira, bassist Sean Hurley, keyboardist Alex Alessandroni, Ely Rise, drummer Eric Singer, percussionist RayYslas, back vocalist Gavyn Rhone, Crystal Starr, Laurhan Beato, and lead trumpet player Jon Pappenbrook.

While Soul Station has been performing in numerous venues in the United States, and Japan, the band recently recorded an album of nine classic soul songs and five new original songs. The brand new album, ‘Now and Then’ is going to be available this Friday, March 5.

During a recent interview, Paul Stanley opened up about the band and the debut album, revealing that both the making of this recording and creating such a band felt liberating according to Stanley due to the fact that he stepped outside a boundary which was set by others.

In addition to this, Stanley revealed that he’s not just a rock singer, he’s a singer who loves rock, therefore, putting a label on him is useless since he’s way more than just being a rock singer, he’s also a singer and a musician who love to create art in many forms.

Here is what Stanley said:

It’s liberating anytime you allow yourself out of the boundaries that other people set for you. It doesn’t have to please everybody — that’s not the point at all. When I starred in (a 1999 touring Broadway production of) ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ some people asked me if I was reinventing myself. And I say the same thing now: ‘I’m not a rock singer. I’m a singer who loves rock.’ That’s a choice. I love doing it. But it’s not all I am or want to be.”

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