Nita Strauss On Why She Picked Demi Lovato Over Alice Cooper

As the world of rock and roll shifts and changes, musicians often find themselves exploring new opportunities and collaborations. Nita Strauss, a guitarist who has been electrifying audiences with her incredible talent, had made the decision to leave Alice Cooper‘s band and join Demi Lovato‘s. Strauss opened up about her journey in an interview with Andrew Daly of Guitar World, explaining that her departure from Cooper’s band was amicable and focused on her desire to grow as a musician.

Throughout her tenure with the Godfather of Shock Rock, Strauss’s guitar-playing skills earned her praise from both music critics and fans. However, on July 12, Strauss posted an announcement on Instagram, informing her followers that she had decided to part ways with Alice Cooper and cancel her upcoming solo shows without providing a specific reason.

Soon after, fans discovered Strauss had joined Demi Lovato’s band when she appeared with the singer on TV. Strauss later shared on Instagram that her new adventure included performing live on TV, learning a new set-list in a short period, shooting a music video for an upcoming album, and rehearsing while exhausted. Despite the challenges, Strauss expressed her excitement for the future and showed off her new rose gold hair to her fans.

In her recent chat, Strauss explained that her decision to leave Cooper’s band wasn’t a dramatic one. Instead, she saw an opportunity with Demi Lovato, who had a busy year ahead, while Alice Cooper’s schedule was lighter. She discussed the situation with Cooper, who was fully supportive of her decision to seize the opportunity and have fun. Essentially, Strauss was following the work, and her passion for music led her to Lovato’s band.

Here is what the guitarist said about picking Lovato over Cooper:

“There was no big moment where I threw my guitar in the air, stormed out, and quit. It was more, ‘Hey, I have this opportunity with Demi. She’s working a lot this year, and Alice isn’t. What do you think if I go and do this?’ And Alice said, ‘Go do it; I love it. Go off; have fun. We support you completely.’ Demi was working a lot, and Alice wasn’t. I go where the work is.”

Despite her collaboration with Lovato, Strauss had emphasized that her move was not a permanent departure from Alice Cooper but rather a hiatus. Recently, Strauss announced her return to Alice Cooper’s side for the upcoming tour. Cooper also shared on Instagram that he welcomed Nita back after encouraging her to take on new challenges and thanked Kane Roberts for stepping in during her absence.

Nita Strauss’s journey highlights the importance of growth and exploration for musicians in today’s ever-changing music landscape. With the support of Alice Cooper and the excitement of joining Demi Lovato’s band, Strauss has proven that taking risks and embracing new opportunities can lead to incredible experiences and a more fulfilling career. Fans can look forward to the guitarist’s continued success, whether she’s shredding alongside Cooper or Lovato.