Nita Strauss Says Leaving Alice Cooper And Joining Demi Lovato’s Band Were Exhausting

Accomplished guitarist Nita Strauss recently took her Instagram account to express her exhaustion over joining Demi Lovato‘s band after parting ways with Alice Cooper.

Nita Strauss joined Alice Cooper’s band as Orianthi’s replacement and rose to fame with the Godfather of Shock Rock. During her tenure with Cooper, Strauss became prominent with her guitar playing skills and received praise from music critics and fans for her talents.

Although her career with Cooper went pretty well, Strauss posted an announcement on July 12 and saddened Alice Cooper fans. Strauss said in her Instagram post that she decided to part ways with Alice Cooper and canceled her upcoming solo shows without giving any solid reason.

Shortly after that, Alice Cooper announced that Kane Roberts, who had previously worked with Cooper, would join as Nita Strauss’ replacement during the Detroit Muscle Tour. On the other hand, Strauss revealed that she was on a new adventure, and fans realized that she joined Demi Lovato’s band after her appearance with the singer on TV.

In a recent Instagram post, Nita Strauss stated that performing live on TV after she departed from Cooper’s band, learning a new set-list in a short time, shooting a new music video for an upcoming album, and rehearsing while being tired were exhausting but fun. She then expressed her excitement for the future and shared her new rose gold hair with fans. As it seems, fans can now expect a new album and music video from the guitarist.

Strauss’ Instagram post read:

“It’s been an exhausting but extremely fun couple of weeks. From jumping right into a live TV performance three days after the Alice tour ended to crash-learning a brand new set list, taking yesterday (the only free day since I’ve been off the road) to shoot a music video for the upcoming album until 2 am and then back into rehearsal this morning while being tired is never fun, there’s something fundamentally rewarding about the exhaustion that comes with getting a lot of stuff done!

Very very excited for so many things to come! Thank you to Jessica Warburton for giving me the rose gold hair of my dreams this week. I did it on impulse, and while it’s not permanent, it’s fun, and I love it! Plus, it worked out very nicely for the music video, which you guys will find out for yourselves soon enough.

Below, you can see the picture Nita Strauss included in her IG post.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram