Snowy White Says Roger Waters Can Be Ferocious

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Snowy White shared his thoughts about Roger Waters’ savage side but also pointed out that he is fun to be around if you work hard and meet his expectations.

The former Thin Lizzy guitarist’s history with Roger Waters goes way back. Everything started with Snowy White’s first introduction to Pink Floyd when the band’s manager approached him with an offer to be a live member for the ‘Animals’ tour. Even though that is how he started collaborating with Waters, their relationship didn’t end there.

Roger Waters wanted to put a band together for his ‘1999 ‘In the Flesh’ comeback tour. White joined him and worked in great harmony with Waters for over a decade. Snowy White’s attitude toward fame and rockstars made his adventure with the Pink Floyd icon a smooth ride because he focused on his work.

The musician recently stated that it is true that Roger Waters has a ferocious side that puts off a lot of people. Waters can’t handle people that are not up to par with his standards. White added that he doesn’t put up with people who are not focused or try to slack off their responsibilities. However, if a musician works hard and concentrates on their tasks, he is truly fun to work with and share the stage.

Snowy White’s words about Roger Waters:

Roger can be ferocious. He gets into places in his mind where he doesn’t want to put up with any crap, which is fair enough. He doesn’t put up with fools or people who aren’t pulling their weight and gets a bit cross with them. But you get treated exceptionally well if you work with him and do your best. He’s fun.”

White’s professional attitude towards fame has allowed him to work with Pink Floyd and collaborate with big superstars like Roger Waters, who expect more from the people around them. So, White’s perception of his job on and off stage seems to have helped him achieve longevity in his career.