Ted Nugent Slams Jimmy Kimmel For Enjoying His Suffering, ‘He Was A Dishonest Guy’

During his Facebook live, Spirit Campfire, Veteran rock musician and Republican, Ted Nugent heavily criticized Jimmy Kimmel because of his statements about him and said that he didn’t call COVID-19 a hoax.

As you know, Ted Nugent was heavily criticized due to his being an anti-masker and anti-vaxxer. He denied the seriousness of the global pandemic. Therefore, in his many different statements, he defined the coronavirus as Chinese shit and it was overrated by Democrats to damage Donald Trump’s presidency. He also said that he would continue to believe that it was a hoax.

After these controversial statements, Ted Nugent announced that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 positive and it was a very hard experience. Also, he revealed that the letters that wished him dead were sent to him while he was fighting with the disease. Even if, he admitted the existence of the virus, he highlighted that he regarded it as a hoax and not serious as Democrats said.

Recently, During his late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel roasted Ted Nugent saying that Nugent who didn’t believe coronavirus and was calling it a hoax caught COVID-19. Kimmel also shared supercuts of Nugent’s statements about the virus. First, Nugent emphasized that he prayed for Kimmel’s son who was sick and thanked God for answering the prayers.

Then Nugent also answered back to Kimmel saying that he didn’t call it a hoax and Kimmel was enjoying people’s suffering. An American shouldn’t make fun of another American’s pain. Therefore, according to him, Kimmel was a rotten person and he won’t explain his cruel words to his son when he asked him later. Nugent thought that Kimmel didn’t have enough courage to invite him to his show because Nugent would beat him in the argument.

Here’s what he said:

“I played with Jimmy Kimmel’s band. I love the fest. Because maybe Jimmy had done enough chemicals at that point turning him into an idiot and when Jimmy Kimmel’s son was sick. We knew that Kimmel was a dishonest guy and a hateful prick. But we still prayed for your son who was sick. Because good people do that. We didn’t really care about anything about you because you were a human being. When he has been through a difficult time, we prayed for you to overcome it. But not Jimmy Kimmel.

Maybe, someday, his son understands who is healthy now and thank god for answering our prayers and sees the footage which Jimmy Kimmel attacking me and lying that I called it a hoax. Never called it a hoax. They know. I didn’t call it a hoax. If I use it, I’ll stay and face that. Never called the Chinese virus a hoax. Never. But Jimmy Kimmel took great joy in my suffering. I don’t take it personally. But, would an American have fun with another American’s suffering? It proves that he was rotten from the core. Absolutely rotten from the core.”

He continued:

“So, Jimmy Kimmel, we prayed for your son. Someday, when he has been grown up, he will see the footage of you lying about Ted Nugent and taking joy from the people’s suffering. Maybe he will come to you and ask ‘dad why did you do that, why did you make fun of a guy who got caught a dangerous virus. Jimmy, you will have to explain it to your son. You can’t explain it to us. You are incapable of it. You won’t have me on your show. Because you know that I will decapitate you with truth, logic, and common sense which he has none So that’s my identification and acknowledgment of that evidence. It’s not my opinion. That’s what happened. “

You can watch the video below.

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Posted by Ted Nugent on Sunday, May 16, 2021