Ozzy Osbourne’s Wife Sharon Issues A Statement To Defend Their Daughter Kelly

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne shared a post from her official Twitter account and showed her support to her daughter Kelly after she was exposed to body shaming.

Just a few days ago, Kelly Osbourne shared through her Instagram stories an email she received from National Enquirer, which is a tabloid newspaper in the U.S. The email they sent her said that she gained a lot of weight recently, which can increase her vulnerability towards COVID-19. Kelly exposed the email and said that it has been ‘the hardest year’ for her life, and she is still struggling to pull herself together.

As you may know, Kelly Osbourne has been dealing with several difficulties lately, as she publicly revealed. She was sober for four years, but in April, she had announced that she had relapsed again but stressed that she would not give up. She also disclosed that she was having a nervous breakdown at the time, which also contributed to her relapse.

Kelly’s mother, Sharon Osbourne, who is closely acquainted with the challenges that her daughter has faced, defended Kelly using her Twitter account. In her tweets, Sharon said that she is proud of what her daughter has achieved so far. Sharon blamed National Enquirer’s editor-in-chief Dan Dolan for not being empathetic and stated that he despised Kelly based on her physical appearance.

Here is what Sharon Osbourne said:


I believe you are running a story on Kelly regarding her weight gain this year. You are justifying the story by saying that sources are worried about her catching covid. The world is worried about catching covid – fat, thin, old, young – even dogs and cats.

You call yourself a reporter, however, that is laughable. Are you not informed about young girls and how body image can impact their mental health? Kelly has had a particularly bad year. She has taken a step back from the public eye to work on herself. She is doing amazingly well, and our family is very proud of her.

If you can’t give her the dignity of taking a walk with me on a Sunday morning in our neighborhood without humiliating her and belittling her by commenting on the way she looks, all I can say is shame on you. You are just a bottom feeder with a lack of empathy who works for a joke of a magazine which is nothing more than a comic book.”

You can see the tweet below.